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General Dance

Absolutely anthing Ballroom and Latin Dance.


contact for a dance partner. Male or female... MALES URGENTLY REQUIRED.
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Dance Classes and private lessons. Also Wedding Packages personally choreographed by Tim Emms
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Ten Reasons to Love Ballroom Dancing

Before the recent interest in ballroom dancing people used to laugh ... It's fair to say that ballroom dancing went through a phase...
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Dancing At University

Whilst many British dancers bemoan the decline in the popularity of ballroom dancing in the UK, there is one area where it is growing in numbers...
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Beginners' Experiences

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Shooting a George Michael Video

The director who wanted to cast six couples to do a Jive on George's new video - Round Here
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Competing on the Open Circuit

This short piece by Gail McDonald is designed for those of us who love dancing, through uni competitions or social dancing.
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Blackpool Fashion

Blackpool attracts a multitude of dancers from all over the world each vying to get noticed on the huge crowded floor.
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Blackpool Dance festival online

The lack of TV coverage is the main driving force behind this project - The channel will launch with excepts of previous dance festivals.
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