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Beginners' Experiences

By Ross, Glasgow - Added 1st of January 1970

Well I arrived at the place about 20 minutes early (mistake), the obligatory fears started to creep through my mind, what if I'm rubbish, what if people laugh at me. I actually considered just turning around and heading home, a feeling that is usually alien to me. I decided to phone my Gran, (the only person who has known of my passion for dance all these years) in her day she was a regular on the dance floors of Glasgow. I was shocked by her responce to my defeatism, she gave me a very stern talking to. Remarkable woman.

My teacher was quite young, 23 or 24 I'd wager, she was about 5ft 2. She talked me through the finer points of ballroom dancing, it was all very interesting. By the time I was to dance, I was raring to go. We started slowly, building up to a more comfortable pace. My God I was actually dancing, whats more I was having a bloody good time.

The populated class was a tad more interesting though, there was a severe lack of guys, basically me and a male teacher. I remembered back to the good old school days, fighting for a female partner in social dancing, so you wouldnt be stuck with another guy. I could see all the woman sizing up the quickest route possible to get to me. I was scared, it was like vultures around a kill. We worked on the waltz some more, swapping partners every few minutes or so. I quickly learned just how different it is with each partner, no 2 people are the same. I also now appreciate just how much co-operation there is between the male and the female.

All in all I had a great time, and I will most definitely be going back for more.

I hope this might persuade some more of you to take the plunge, and just go for it.

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