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By Valerie Kerridge - Added 1st of January 1970

Hello my name is Valerie and I have set up a database for the Worcestershire and surrounding areas as a more personal service for those wishing to find a dance partner than possibly a dancing internet site.    Not only am I looking for the right partner but there are so many single women who attend dance classes who do not have a regular dance partner.  There is a shortage of ways to find a partner especially male dance partners, so come on you men!!!!!  Please contact me

All levels and females are also required, to add to my database.  I hope to send out a list of available gentleman dance partners to the ladies to contact.  It is possible that if there are four or more beginners I will arrange a meeting before a beginners class for introductions.  I will keep in contact with everybody and if there are any special requirements I will do my best to contact you as and when appropriate partners join the database.

If you have never danced before its not as frightening as you might think. Its made so easy and fun, we all make mistakes and everybody is so busy concentrating on themselves nobody is looking at YOU.  Your Social life will take a turn for the best, your friends list will be longer, BUT dancing is good exercise and you will loose any unwanted pounds and far more fun than going to the gym.  Val:





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