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Advice - Dance Dress

Added 1st of January 1970

Q - Dressmaking

I am thinking of making a latin dress for my 12 year old daughter and cannot cut out without a pattern, is there a pattern that I can buy that is adjustable. I have read your article on the ballroom dress Dressmaking FAQ - using a princess line dress pattern that is panelled from top to bottom. I do not mind using two different patterns to achieve a latin dress but if I could avoid doing it that way that would be great.

Q - Lounge Wear

I am confused. What does 'lounge wear' mean? Does it mean I can't wear a dress (not a proper ballroom one, just a long one)?

Q - Hair Style Guidance

I was wondering if you could advise on how (I think it was described as the corn row) jewels could be laced along the parting in hair for latin dancing. Are they stuck onto hair/scalp? If so, could you advise where I may be able to purchase the products and the names etc.


We stick rhinestones on to hair using eyelash glue you can make any pattern or design by doing this. Pick stones off and give hair a good brush then it easily washes out. Also stones can be used again.

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