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Dressmaking FAQ

Added 1st of January 1970

Which patterns are most adaptable for ballroom dresses?

The two most popular dress designs are Princess line (panelled from top to bottom) and Bodice and Skirt. You can buy patterns from most fabric shops although they may need adapting for a fuller skirt (add godets into the seams) and/or tighter fit body. I am just about to make a dress using a Vogue evening dress pattern and will update this with a review when I have finished. Which fabrics should I use? You should use a stretchy fabric for the body section so that it can move with your body and fit more snugly.

This will also help when reselling the dress as it will be more flexible to different body sizes. Stretchy fabrics include lycra, the cheapest but make sure you know if you're buying one way or two way stretch fabric. Also be aware before cutting and sewing that sometimes it has a "right" side. Other stretchy fabrics are stretch crepe or stretch mesh. Stretch satin is also ok but less forgiving so your dressmaking skills may need to be better. For the skirt the best material is georgette although some chiffons may also be suitable.

You will need to use at least three or four layers so your skirt is not see through! Make sure you allow the fabric to hang before hemming so that the natural bias of the fabric drops out before hand! Stoning This is the most expensive part of the dress. But luckily you can do it in instalments to spread the cost!! Shops Fabricland, Bristol Fabricland, Bournemouth Fancy Silk Stores, Birmingham Trimit-uk, Blackpool 01253 622853

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