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The First Dance - Ispiration and Style

By Wedding Dance UK - Added 1st of January 1970

Since the phenomenon in recent years of programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice Dance has become very popular – with people discovering the art in all its forms making the idea of learning to move very appealing.

This enthusiasm for wanting to learn to dance has become very apparent in the wedding industry. Couples are now eager to impress their guests on their wedding day with complicated and show stopping First Dance routines. Often inspired by seeing celebrities on TV who are new to dance becoming able and confident – wedding couples see that dance is accessible and fun!

There are lots of companies out there now who specifically cater for the First Dance. They have the knowledge and skill to create routines to suit any ability and brief, making the First Dance fear a thing of the past.

If you have lessons with a Wedding Dance company – they will usually create something that suits you as a couple and that fits to the music you have chosen for your First Dance. However if you want them to teach you a particular style - there are many to choose from ranging from classical through to funky.

A good choreographer will be able to create a unique and interesting Wedding Dance rather than teach you the standard technique for you to repeat over and over until boredom sets in.

Here are some styles of routines you may want to try for your First Dance!

Simple and Effective

This would be suitable for couples who wish to come away from shuffling, impress their guests but not go all out on the show stopper.

The routine would be elegant and not too complicated, encompassing nice turns and simple footwork. You will look graceful and show your guests that two left feet are a thing of the past.

Whirling Waltz

If you want to learn a classical ballroom technique the Waltz is a good dance to go for. However, your choreographer should take you a step further once you have learnt the basic waltz step. Using the Waltz style as inspiration you and your guests can be transported to the ballrooms of Venice whilst gliding around the dance floor on your wedding day.

Funky Foxtrot

Why not take a traditional ballroom technique and make it slightly more modern. Using the basic step pattern you can quicken the pace, throw in some fun moves and there you have it a Funky Foxtrot.

Sassy Salsa

Add a bit of Latin romance to your wedding day by learning a salsa routine – spins, hips twirls and dips will certainly get your guests ready and raring to dance the night away after your First Dance.

First Dance Twist

Starting slow and romantic with a regular shuffle this dance will have your guests wondering – what’s that the CD is skipping - ‘DJ, sort it out please!’ - Bam a completely different upbeat song comes on and you are shimmying and shaking.

Movement Medley

You can’t decide on a First dance song. Have them all – a medley of three to four songs is great for a Wedding Dance. You get to learn a few different styles and it makes it interesting and fun for your guests when you perform it on your wedding day.

So you can see there are so many options for your First Dance – It is best to enjoy the experience. Don’t be content with shuffling around the dance floor, make it more special and have fun learning to dance for your wedding day and beyond.


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