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6th of October 2007: Strictly Ballroom Night, Gloucester

Ribston Hall, Ribston Hall, Stroud Rd, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

8.00 till 11.00 pm (Doors open 7 o'clock)
Three hours of non stop dancing to the recorded sounds of
Autumn Leaves(Ballroom, Latin American & Popular Sequence)

For further details, or for seat reservations, please email

Please note that this will be the last dance at Ribston Hall until September.

June, July & August dances will be held in Churchdown Community Centre.

Important Notice
There will not be a bar on this occasion.
Please bring your own liquid refreshments.
(Alcoholic and Soft)

SATURDAY 6th October
SATURDAY 10th November
SATURDAY 8th December (Macmillan Christmas Ball)

Map of Gloucester

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